Labour for Ukraine

Labour Friends of Ukraine supports the will of its people and government in choosing a new, European direction for their country. In 1990 Ukraine, a large, potentially prosperous country had the same GDP as Poland. Their very different trajectories since then has seen Polish GDP grow three times larger than it’s neighbour. We believe a Europe-facing Ukraine can purge itself of corruption and improve the desperate living standards of its citizens.

“Although the conflict in Ukraine is clearly a geopolitical crisis, it is also a conflict of profound civilian suffering. As the Foreign Secretary has just reminded us, in a neighbouring European state more than 5,000 lives have already been lost, 5 million civilians are living in conflict-affected areas, and nearly 1 million people are internally displaced as a result of the fighting… President Putin appears to have miscalculated the west’s commitment to sustained economic diplomacy. So long as the Russian Government refuse to change course, we must continue with a robust and united international response. With the collapse of the oil price in recent months, the sanctions still hold out the prospect of altering the calculus of risk in President Putin’s mind regarding Russian actions in eastern Ukraine.” – Douglas Alexander MP, 10th February 2015

“What is happening in Ukraine poses major challenges for us relating to security, stability and values. We cannot simply hope that it goes away. The first challenge relates to foreign policy itself. No one wants further to inflame a conflict with Russia, yet its actions in Ukraine cannot go unanswered.” – Pat McFadden MP, 11th December 2014